Monday, November 28, 2016

Happy Red Planet Day

Red Planet Day

The Red Planet Day is Celebrated on November 28th of each year.

The Planet Mars is referred to as the "Red Planet" this is because it appears in a red color. On this Red Planet Day its Honors our celestial neighbor, the fourth planet in the solar system.

On Red Planet Day, Take a few minutes to look up in the sky and gaze at our neighbor.

Here are some Mars Facts and Trivia

* Fourth Planet from the Sun
* Mars get's its name from the Greek word "Ares", The God of War
* Often Visible to the naked eye
* Distance from the Sun: Average 136,764,000 Miles
* Rotation around the Sun: 687 days
* Rotation Period: 1.026 Earth Days
* Gravity: 1/3 of Earth
* Size: 7th Largest Planet, about 1/10th the mass of Earth
* Moons: Mars has two Moons: Deimos and Phobos
* Temperature Range (F): -207 to +81 degrees

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